A beautiful bouquet asks for a beautiful vase!

Is there anything more romantic than a large bouquet of beautiful red roses for the one you love? Is there anything more heart-warming than a hand-full of bright flowers that you’ve picked for your mother in early May? Go all the way and add an exquisite vase to your bright and lush bouquet. But not just any vase. Make your choice for a vase as meaningful as your choice of flowers.

Crystal Power for your Flower

We’ve always added crystals to the water in our flower vases at home and over the years we’ve played with different combinations, always referring with experts in crystal attributes. It’s been an open secret in the crystal community that freshly-cut flowers just live longer in a vase with crystal water. Same as with our drinking water decanters, we’ve grown tired of cleaning the stones after each use and honestly, we’ve also had quite a hard time finding a heavy-duty vase with a design that we truly love. This was the point where we decided to develop Flora – A Crystal Water Flower Vase.

Flora is the perfect way to score some extra points on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and weddings. It is available in a medium-sized version for up to 35 flowers and a large version for an extraordinary bouquet of up to 50 flowers. Both of them are a florist’s delight. Tested by lovers, mothers and brides.

Floral Gemstone Blend

The key component of our Flora vase is – of course – its GemPod. This is where the magic starts. Together with gemologists, experts on crystal healing and professional florists, we’ve developed a special blend that focuses on extending the vitality and freshness of plants. Throughout history and all cultures, the dark green Moss Agate has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. It is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Sodalite emits an easy, tranquil energy and Clear Quartz acts as an amplifier for the other stones. As a result, we’ve found this gemstone blend to be very helpful to strengthen plants and aid your green thumb.